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bandiera-italia         Sede di Gardone Riviera (BS) Our Vocational  School of Hotel Management and Catering is called Caterina de’ Medici and it was born in 1961 in Gardone Riviera on the West coast of the Lake of Garda. It had such a great success that in 1979 a new school branch was created in Desenzano del Garda (South part of the Lake).   Nowadays we count more than 1000 students. Caterina de’ Medici  School  is a professional and cultural landmark for the whole Lake and also for the cities and the towns nearby.   School Curriculum The First and the Second Year of the Curriculum give a general overview of the school. Students study general subjects (Italian, Maths, Science, History…), two languages (English and French or German) and practice on the four different courses of studies (Catering, Hotel Reception, Restaurant Services , Bakery and Confectionery). In the last three years students choose which branch they want to specialize. At the end of the five years they obtain a Vocational Qualification in Hotel Management and Catering . During the last three years they work for 400 hours in the local restaurants, hotels, canteens etc.   Sede di Desenzano del Garda (BS) The Four Specializations OFFERED: The students attending the "food and wine" specialization learn specific knowledge to enhance the food from the production to the presentation of the ingredients passing through their tasformation and preservation. The students are able to work in the catering system promoting  local, national and international traditions, adopting the in force legislation about safety, transparency and traceability and spotting the new trends in the food and wine industry. Those who choose the "food and wine - artesan and industrial confectionery products" (which is operating only in the school branch located in Desenzano), are able to enhance the bakery products from the production to the presentation passing through the transformation and preservation of food. The students have specific knowledge about the machineries, about the industrial productive processes, and about the control of the quality of the food. In the "food and wine - Sale and Service" specialization the students learn how to work and manage both in the administrative and in the productive areas in order to adapt the production and the sale to the market and customers' demand. They also learn how to promote the local traditional food, interacting with the customer so as to turn tasting into a cultural event. In the "tourist reception"specialization students learn how to organize and manage all the front-desk activities in hotels, in order to coordinate, distribute and sale the food and wine services and products. This specialization pays specific attention to business strategies so as to promote, thanks to the help of multimedia communication tools,  those ingredients and foods which valorize local resources and traditions.   The school is deeply rooted in its territory. We often cooperate with firms, charities, catering associations, and we also compete in Sectorial Contests. During its history our School has always had international partnerships both in Europe and in the United States.